January-2022 Update #1

Hello Cleansheet Fans,

Happy New Year!  From all at INCISIV , thank you for playing Cleansheet and all your support so far.  We hope you are enjoying it!  As a small serious (and fun)  games  VR development team, our future depends on your endorsements, and would really appreciate if you could rate our game on itch or SideQuestvr.  We sincerely value any support and feedback you can give.   We have already really enjoyed some of the content you have created on your own TikTok feeds and really look forward to seeing other creative  content that you can come up with, and how many  saves you can achieve.  Don't forget to tag us so we catch it ;-).

Here is an update of what is planned for the next few months.  Firstly, all going well, we intend to submit the game to the Oculus App Lab store next week so that it will no longer be necessary to  sideload the game on your headsets and the purchase can be made directly through Oculus.  On average, Oculus take 6-8 weeks to approve submissions.  Once approved we will inform you.  Everyone who previously purchased the game through sidequest or itch will receive unique keys, so that they can download the game for free from the Oculus store.  Unfortunately, we may need to increase the price slightly to offset the Oculus store revenue share model.  Therefore, if you are considering buying the game, it may be worthwhile purchasing the game prior to launch on the App Lab store.  We will make an announcement when we think we are close to approval. Following successful submission, we will start developing new features to the game, and these upgrades will be made available to those who have already bought the game.  During this time, please use either our social feeds or community pages to suggest features for us consider.

For all your support questions, please use our community pages either here or on SideQuest.  While we try to support you on our TikTok channel, your question may be lost among the many comments, so please, if you need help, use the community channels; we are here to help. We have collated some of the recurring questions we are being asked and hopefully you can find the answers below.

In the meantime, enjoy the game and be patient.



What VR platforms can I play this game on?

Cleansheet is only available for the Oculus Quest 1 and 2 platform

I heard about this game online but I don’t know how to sideload or use SideQuest?

If you have never tried SideQuest before, we recommend following this handy tutorial:


Which walks you through step-by-step on how to sideload. If you’re still unsure or don’t want to sideload, look at the next question below.

Will this game be on the Oculus Store?

We hope to have the game approved on Oculus’ App Lab which provides a direct link to the Oculus Store for you to buy the game. We are currently implementing a few “under-the-hood” changes to the game and once these are complete, we will submit a Release Candidate to Oculus App Labs.  The approval process takes roughly 8 weeks so it may be awhile before you can buy it without sideloading. We will make an announcement on all social media platforms and on the developers board when it is ready.

Is this game free?

The game currently costs £4.99 on Itch.io. Once you buy the game it will be available for sideloading on SideQuest. When the game is approved on App Lab, Oculus will take a 30% cut so the price may increase when it is finally accepted. If you don’t wish to pay more than £4.99, we recommend buying the game now.

If I buy the game through SideQuest/Itch, will I get a copy of the game when it is accepted onto App Lab?

Yes, we will email a free download key to everyone who bought the game on SideQuest/Itch when it is approved.

When will new features be added?

We can’t release new features until the game is approved by Oculus for App Lab but will review new feature implementation as soon as it is accepted onto the Oculus store. You may have seen on our TikTok channel re-created set plays, these were created with Cleansheet Pro for professional goalkeepers and requires a gaming PC.  The oculus platform is still not powerful enough to create content exactly like this, but we are working  hard on optimising our code to create some new content that will play smoothly on the Quest.

How much space do I need play the game?

You need roughly 2 metres free  side-to-side to play the game.


CS_Oculus2021.1.0 (B_f48000).apk 128 MB
Dec 25, 2021

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