January-2022 Update #2

As promised, we have officially submitted Cleansheet for approval on Oculus App Lab.  On average it takes Meta roughly 6-8 weeks to approve submissions, once approved and published on the Oculus store we will inform you, and we will be sending Oculus tokens to all who have already purchased our program so that you can download the version directly from the Oculus store.  Please bear in mind, that we will be forced to increase the price once on the Oculus store, so if you are interested in purchasing we recommend that you purchase the game prior to release on the Oculus .

The latest build (v2022.1.0) is now available for download which is the build we submitted to Oculus for approval on the 11th January.  The majority of the changes in this build were minor changes required for the Oculus App Lab approval process.  We did however fix a few edge case bugs and made some other minor improvements.

  • Fix minor edge-case bugs
  • Improved the logic of the ball
  • UI/UX fixes/improvements
  • Improved the SFXs
  • Improved the general scene


Cleansheet_Oculus_R2022_1_0(b61175).apk 134 MB
Jan 12, 2022

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