March 2022 Update #2

v2022.1.2 Minor Update Public Beta Release

Hi Cleansheet Fans, Thanks for being patient and want to ensure you that we are currently working on updates in line with our development roadmap. This is only a minor update of the game, which required significant development to completely rewrite our code to provide a solid foundation for the development of new future features. You can opt-in to the beta release through the Oculus App.

Release Notes for v2022.1.2

  • Complete code rewrite for ball trajectory generation to support future updates 
  • Increased variability and classification of trajectories 
  • Improved and refined AI scaling of trajectories at runtime for user size and arm reach 
  • Can switch UI laser interaction on controllers to dominant hand with trigger 
  • Bug squashing mainly around the Tutorial and game play. 

The next phase of development (v2022.2.0) will: 

  1.  Introduce new difficulty levels to allow more experienced users to enter the game at a more challenging levels, 
  2. Addition of user facing global leaderboards to monitor your progress in world ranking. 

Once this is completed we will shift to new features/game modes.

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